sustainable design

Intexure is committed to 

sustainable design

in both our commercial and residential projects.  We have completed multiple LEED certified homes and sustainable buildings.    Our design for the City of Houston Green Building Resource Center was awarded LEED Gold for Commercial Interiors. Our homes are designed to LEED standards and ENERGY STAR guidelines, with options for LEED certification, and ENERGY STAR labeling, processes which include rigorous third-party testing to optimize performance and ensure standards are met, adding value to your home now and into the future. Features such as careful building orientation taking advantage of prevailing breezes and sun shading angles provide energy savings without additional cost. Utilizing energy modeling software we provide additional information on features such as window systems, insulation, Geothermal Systems, Solar, and Rainwater harvesting to help our clients make informed decisions. Saving energy, water, and utilizing sustainable products benefits the environment, reduces one’s footprint, and creates healthy buildings. We believe sustainability is not just an option, but a simply good design.

green design

sustainable design


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