Designing for Multigenerational lifestyle

Darren Kincaid - Thursday, February 01, 2018

The growing trend of Multigenerational housing offers many benefits. Families share initial housing and land costs as well as the monthly recurring costs. It can offer flexibility in childcare for younger generations while older generations spend more time with grandchildren. The key in designing multigenerational housing is to offer spaces for family togetherness as well as privacy. In this Flint River home in Memorial, the younger family and older couple each have private wings or suites while the main spaces act as gathering areas. Both generations share a love of books and the library became the great room and central core of the home. Universal design and aging in place were also important factors designing spaces that can be used with future needs in mind. Details such as a zero threshold shower, and single lever faucets support Universal design and aging in place. Door widths and flooring transitions were also designed for future needs of Universal design and aging in place. At the same time, safety and the needs of young children were also considered. The lot in Memorial offered a large backyard and areas for children to play. In fact this new Memorial home now occupies the site where the older couple once raised their young children and now has come full circle with the evolving history of the family imprinting their lives in the home.