Selecting a Site for Prefab Urban Infill

Darren Kincaid - Friday, June 08, 2018

Selecting the right site for prefab urban infill construction can save money, time, and contribute to a successful project. The easier the site is to access the better, and ideally would be best to have some staging and maneuvering room on site. Urban infill often implies tighter site conditions and narrow streets can also be a challenge. Overhead power lines make setting prefab modules more difficult as well as large trees in proximity to the house location. If you are selecting a site, consult with an experienced prefab builder first. An initial feasibly study could save you money and avoid problems in the long run. This urban infill project is one we did on Blossom Street in Houston Texas. The site had some of the most difficult challenges to overcome, a narrow street with limited access, a tight lot, a large mature tree in proximity to the house and power lines. Given these conditions, we were still able to achieve a successful project; however if you can avoid these issues it will make your project easier. Watching a street transform from an empty lot in the morning to a two story house at the end of the day is exciting. On Blossom the neighbors came out on the street to watch and welcome the new addition to their street.

Intexture - Prefab Urban Infill