Smart, compact living achieved with metal panels

Located in the inner loop of Houston, the lntexure Architects Studio and Residence features a commitment to smart, compact living with a ground floor architecture studio with living space above. Filled with Natural light the loft-life area has two bedrooms, a bath, kitchen, dining and

living areas . The 3,000-squarefoot (279-m2) residence is formed around expressing both the connections and separations

between the multifunctional live-work environments.

An overriding goal was to build less and integrate work and living together, rather than as independent structures.

Strategizing for change was another important design factor, providing flexibility for future change without major rework.

Spaces are multifunctional at the boundaries between living and work areas, such as a materials library and meeting space

by day that becomes an extended dining area by night. The quantity of materials was reduced by using structural materials

as finished surfaces, such as tongue-and-groove wood subfloor or exposed steel columns.

Careful sighting of the building provides maximum exposure of the eastern

elevation while reducing glass and increasing overhangs on the southern and western faces. Windows are oriented toward

trees on the site for both enhanced shading and opportunities for views. Natural light is harnessed to reduce energy

consumption and increase the connection between indoors and outdoors. Site grounds are covered with permeable gravel

to allow water penetration and reduce runoff. An in-grade pond captures water from the butterfly roof.

The project features 26-gauge PBC panels in Gavalume Plus installed horizontally from MBCI, Houston. The 32-inch- (813-

mm-) wide purlin bearing leg panels are 3/8 inch ( 10 mm) high with ribs every 2 2/3 inches (68 mm) lntexure Architects,

Houston, was the designer and owner of this smart, compact living space and live-work environment.

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