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When Rame Hruska , AIA, and Russell

Hruska , AIA, decided to design and

build their own live/work studio and

residence, they didn’t stop at the borders

of their site. Instead, the Houston couple

also developed several surrounding lots,

designing and building modern homes

for custom clients—“people with likeminded

values,” architect Rame Hruska says.

Within the neighborhood they’ve created, the Hruskas have devoted

their home’s first floor to the office of their firm, Intexure Architects .

The Hruskas, both architects and a rotating cast of interns populate the

1,500-square-foot studio (shown at left), which

receives plenty of natural light and ventilation.

Upstairs, a 650-square-foot area functions exclusively

as living quarters for the Hruskas and their

3-year-old son, Tad, while another 850 square feet

serves as flexible space.

Simple materials and finishes helped control the live/work project’s

Cost and adjacent modern homes. Its vibe is relaxed and friendly, right down to the Intexure-designed

community pavilion outside.— meghan drueding

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