The 2015 PaperCity Design Awards Winners

Papercity design awards

 PROJECT: Tripartite House DESIGN CONCEPT: Set in an urban neighborhood, this home is divided into three stacked zones that address the divisions of public and private space. The first floor extends outward, engaging views in the public realm with large expanses of glass-filled cast-in-place concrete walls. The second floor utilizes solid forms focused inward to private spaces and screened views such as the zinc-clad cantilevered volume that floats above the entry. The third floor opens upward to capture rooftop views, where one can enjoy the evening skyline and sunset above the fray. The architect owners designed the home for their family with young children. They located it adjacent to their architecture studio and a series of neighboring homes they have built that combine urban infill with green space. The home is anticipated to receive LEED Platinum status through the use of sustainable materials and energy-minded features including high-performance insulation and AC system. An expandable southwesterly solar array is designed to offer future energy independence. Glazing features a hydrophilic nanocoating with self-cleaning properties. Rainwater is harvested in a modular underground collection system connected to a koi pond and bio-filtration feature at the entry, designed to meet the site's landscape irrigation demand. Sustainable materials add both beauty and durability, integrating with the design of the home. JUDGES' REMARKS: "While using sustainable materials, the architect was able to create a most inviting and elegant environment." — Jan Showers "Wonderful modern concept executed beautifully. Great materials blended seamlessly." — Barbara Westbrook

PROJECT: Elizabeth Anthony Boutique DESIGN CONCEPT: Creating a fresh, sophisticated appearance while maintaining the warm materiality of the existing space was key to the retail renovation and expansion of designer clothing boutique Elizabeth Anthony. In a tailored approach, the new design seamlessly added 2,000 square feet to the space and features clean lines and a lighter, brighter feeling, with warmtoned wood flooring and custom millwork. Bespoke display elements were carefully crafted to house accessories and to become the focal points of the space. The design allows the clothing to stand out and enables customers to feel at home. Additional furnishings are by John Kidd. JUDGES' REMARKS: "What a great shop! The clothes look fabulous, and the architecture highlights the great merchandise." — Barbara Westbrook "Contemporary measured elegance." — Rachel Ashwell

The third year of the PaperCity Design Awards at the Houston Design Center elicited a record number of 181 entries across 17 categories. We downloaded more than 1,400 beautiful photographs of projects into digital libraries for our esteemed judges RachelAshwellJan Showers and Barbara Westbrook to review (they had some very tough choices to make). Thank you to everyone who entered. Look out for the October issue of PaperCity for a spread on the winning entries. Herewith, the winners, who were presented with a Christofle engraved award at the ceremony this evening, April 7:

Residential Interior Design or Architectural Design Under 3,500 square feet:
Winner: Ginger Barber Design, lead designer Ginger Barber.
Runner-Up: Ashley Goforth of Ashley Goforth Design.

Residential Interior Design or Architectural Design Over 3,500 Square Feet:
Winner: Ginger Barber Design, lead designer Ginger Barber.
Runner-Up: Scott Strasser of Strasser Design, developer Carol Isaak Barden.

Residential Interior Design or Architectural Design – Bedroom:
Winner: Dodson Interiors, designer Julie Dodson.
Runners-Up (three-way tie): Ben Johnston of Avondale Design StudioGin Braverman of Gindesigns; and Courtnay Tartt Elias, lead designer of Creative Tonic, with designer Barbara Tartt and assistant designer Lila Chumbley.

Residential Interior Design or Architectural Design – Kitchen:
Winner: Dillon Kyle Architecture, architect Dillon Kyle.
Runners-Up (two-way tie): Josie Haley for Osborne Cabinets and Millwork; and Courtnay Tartt Elias, lead designer of Creative Tonic, with designer Barbara Tartt, for Tanglewood Kitchen.

Residential Interior Design or Architectural Design – Bath:
Winner: Marie Flanigan Interiors, lead designer Marie Flanigan, architect Hollenbeck Architects.
Runner-Up: Amy Munger and Elizabeth Stiver of Munger Interiors.

Residential Interior Design or Architectural Design – Dining or Entertaining Space:
Winner: Lucas/Eilers Design Associates, lead designer Sandy Lucas, project designer Melanie Anderson.
Runner-Up: Amy Munger and Elizabeth Stiver of Munger Interiors.

Residential Interior Design or Architectural Design, Children’s Room:
Winner: Caroline Morgan Interiors, lead designers Caroline Frantz and Morgan Jones
Runners-Up (three-way tie): Suzanne Duin of Maison MaisonMarie Flanigan of Marie Flanigan Interiors; and Meg Lonergan of Meg Lonergan Interiors.

Residential Interior Design or Architectural Design, Use of Small Space:
Winner: Shane Cook Designs, lead designer Shane Cook.
Runner-Up: Dillon Kyle Architecture, lead designer Dillon Kyle.

Commercial Interior Design, Hospitality: Hotel, Restaurant or Club:
Winner: Found, lead designer Aaron Rambo, for Local Foods, River Oaks.
Runner-Up: Gin Braverman of Gindesigns, for Beckrew Wine House.

Commercial Interior Design or Architectural Design, Retail, Art Gallery, Boutique, Spa/Salon:
Winner: Intexure Architects, lead architects Russell Hruska and Rame Hruska, forElizabeth Anthony boutique.
Runner-Up: Habitat RocheLaura Roach, with LH2 Architecture, for Façade.

Commercial Interior Design or Architectural Design, Office or Public Space:
Winner: MaRS, Mayfield and Ragni Studio, for Dancie Perugini Ware Public Relations, lead designers Kelie Mayfield and Erick Ragni, with Becky Harrison.
Runner-Up: Karen Kramer and David Merryman of David L Merryman Interior Design, for an amenity space in The Woodlands.

Residential Sustainable Design by an Interior or Architectural Designer:
Winner: Intexure Architects, lead architects Russell Hruska and Rame Hruska

Commercial Sustainable Design by an Interior or Architectural Designer:
Winner: Studio RED Architects, lead architect Pete Ed Garrett, for MetroNational’s The Treehouse Memorial City
Runner-Up: Connie LeFevre of Design House, Inc., for the conversion of Community Outreach Arts Academy.

Historical, Restoration/Preservation:
Winner: Kinneymorrow Architecture, lead architects Michael Morrow and Taryn Kinney.
Runner-Up: JD Bartell of JD Bartell Designs.

Outdoor Living Space, Garden, or Pool:
Winner: Powers Brown Architecture for Sugar Land Veteran’s Memorial, designer Matt Stephens, with principal of design Jeffrey Brown, senior designer John Cadenhead, project manager Jeanette Shaw.
Runners-Up (tie): Aaron Rambo of Found, for the patio at Local Foods, River Oaks; and The Hanover Company, architect Wallace Garcia Wilson Architects, lead architects Carl HayFred Wilson Jr. and Victor Renteria, landscape architects GWH Landscape Architects, lead landscape architects Chase LeBlanc and Bret Montague, for the pool area at Hanover Post Oak.

Best in Furniture Design:
Winner: MaRS, Mayfield and Ragni Studio, lead designers Kelie MayfieldErick Ragni and Paul Fleming, for the Cadbury Series.
Runner-Up: Suzanne Duin of Maison Maison for a custom banquette.

Best in Product Design:
Winner: Tribute Goods Fine Linens, creative director Karen Pulaski
Runner-Up: Kelie Mayfield and Erick Ragni of MaRS, Mayfield and Ragni Studio, for the DD Series of custom carpets originally designed for the W Dallas Victory Hotel.

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